Directorate of Minority Welfare

  C.H.Mohammed Koya ( Girls Only) Scholarships


No. Of Scholarship

 Degree           -  3000

 PG                 - 1000

 Prof.Course      - 1000

 Hostel Stipend  - 2000

Amount of Scholarship

Degree           Rs.4000 /-

PG                 Rs.5000 /-

Prof.Course     Rs.6000/-

Hostel Stipend Rs.12,000/-

Starting Date October/November


1. Only girls(Muslim,Latin,converted christian) are eligible

2.Should be a student in Govt./Aided institution or should have secured admission under Govt. quota in unaided colleges

3.Income limit Rs.4.5 lakhs. The amount is being credited to the SB a/c of the applicant.  Students are advised to submit Bank account number of any nationalized Bank with IFSC code

When to apply

After the completion of first year admissions

When is it Sanctioned

November/December every year

Sanctioning Procedure

Sanctioned by the Project Officer after verification of Applications.Presently the amount is being disbursed the electronic transfer to the students account

Time of disbursement





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Directorate of Minority Welfare
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